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Business Listing

List your business with a company profile. This is what your clients will see when they look for something on our platform.

Your business name, description of your business, product or services images and contact information will be shown on your profile.

GEO Location

All businesses that are listed automatically receive a GEO Location pin on our map.

With this every business will then have the opportunity to be seen on a local map and on our platform.

Location to Destination Directions

We have incorporated navigation from your current location to the business that you want to navigate to.

Every business owner will have the opportunity for his clients to go directly to his business with this amazing feature.

Ratings & Reviews

Take advantage of our ratings and reviews feature for your business. We rank the business with the most reviews and the highest ratings on top.

So make sure your business has a lot of ratings and reviews so that you can out perform your competitors with your quality work.


We have added the comments feature for business owners to receive comments on their business profile and products and services that are reviewed by us. 

When a bad comment is given we try to follow up and keep the business responsible for fixing the problems that might have been caused.


Our platform is a medium for exposure to any business or professional with quality work that wants to promote their start-up business or small to medium sized enterprise.

Share your profile link/URL with people that might be interested in your products or services.

Share your profile link/URL to get reviews and ratings to increase exposure.


By networking with other businesses on our platform you will be able to enhance your business skills and visibility to the market or get a few extra sales.

It is your responsibility to contact and network with others.

We would just like to thank all the business owners that have tested our platform during the Trial Period.

It is a great privilege to have received your feedback and input to improve our platform for you!

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